Successful people think differently than other people!

Best-selling author and accelerated business growth coach Susan Schachterle knows this is true after more than 20 years working with individuals and organizations around the world.

“There’s a pattern, a strategy the Big Dogs use to produce the success they enjoy and to live the way they live”

And it’s a pattern anyone can learn.  If your business results aren’t what you want them to be, she’s got the step-by-step pattern you can use to create the success you want, the kind of success you’ve seen the Big Dogs create over and over.

Susan has committed herself to understanding what allows some people to be consistently successful while others continue to scramble just to get by.  She’s studied the differences between these Big Dogs (people who have learned how to create ongoing success and who don’t consider failure an option) and people who don’t generate success, or whose success is only occasional and random.  She knows what it takes to do business and live life Big Dogs style, and she wants you to have this life-changing information too.

In her Thinking Like the Big Dogs: the art of creating what you want teleseries, Susan Schachterle brings the secrets of these Big Dogs to the table for the first time.

In this 5-part series you’ll learn:

  • the 10 characteristics that are common to the Big Dogs and that can be developed by anyone who wants to live the BD lifestyle
  • the 7 elements that guide the choices, decisions, and actions of the BDs
  • the most important and most powerful thing that MUST be in place for BD success to happen consistently
  • how to bring it all together and let it shape your business and your life

Beginning on Wednesday, July 7 at 6:00 p.m. mountain time, this 5-part series will give you tools you can use in any situation to maximize your success and create life-changing results.

What others have said about working with Susan –

“Susan has taught me techniques that helped me expand my business vision.  My business is much more profitable, my employees more productive, and my clients more satisfied.  What she’s taught me I will continue to use for the rest of my life.”  Angela Haney, President

Trio Interiors, Inc.

“My work with Susan has proven to be extremely helpful for my business.  Speaking in business terms, her work has been the most cost effective thing I’ve ever done to make changes in myself and in the way I conduct my business”.  James Martin, President

The Color People, Inc.

And in addition to the cutting-edge tools you’ll learn, we’re offering some amazing bonuses!

  1. Everyone who registers for Thinking Like the Big Dogs will receive, at the completion of the 5-part series, a copy of Susan’s popular e-book titled “Thinking Like the Big Dogs: the Fine Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way and Getting What You Want”.  This e-book is loaded with the information and step-by-step processes you can use to live and work with the highest level of Big Dogs satisfaction ($47 value).
  2. The first 20 people to register will also get a ticket to Susan’s 3-day event for women “Women as Leaders, Women as Healers: find your power – change the world” to be held in Denver in February 2011. ($997 value).
  3. The first 11 individuals to register will receive all the above and a “30-minute Big Dogs Jumpstart Call” with Susan Schachterle ($125 value)
  4. All those registered will have access to the entire 5-part series recorded on CDs as well as transcripts of the series for absolutely FREE.

This product will sell to the public after the series is completed for the retail price of $497.00

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